Enjoy a unique and innovative experience by participating in our virtual job fairs. At the click of a mouse, your company is seen by the international Francophonie, and puts you in contact with qualified workers in the fields you are looking for.

Why participate in our fairs?

Unlike physical job fairs that require a lot of time, money, and logistics to build a kiosk that stands out from the crowd to attract job seekers, our virtual job fairs offer a number of benefits without deploying energy, resources or even costs.

With our virtual fairs SolutionsEmplois.ca, the assets are numerous. You will have:

  • A quick and easy registration form to fill out via Google link.
  • A virtual kiosk with your company’s logo, photos, video links and job positions
  • A personalized support throughout the event- before, during and after the fair


  • The virtual platform of SolutionsEmplois.ca is intuitive and interactive, no need to be a computer pro to feel at ease behind your kiosk
  • You will have the opportunity to interact with highly qualified candidates selected by the Canadian government who are preparing their arrival in Canada
  • You will benefit from national and international visibility while promoting your company without spending any money

Why hire immigration candidates?

Historically, Canada’s strength has another origin. Indeed, our country is often referred to as a land of immigrants because, over the past 200 years, millions of newcomers have helped to build and defend our way of life. Many ethnic and religious groups live and work in peace as proud Canadians, thus making Canada’s multiculturalism our strength worldwide.

Hiring qualified immigrants helps preserving Canada’s openness, strength and identity.

The advantages are numerous, they allow you:

  • To attract and retain the most talented candidates willing to invest their expertise in hard to fill positions
  • Reduce your training costs by taking advantage of transferable experiences
  • Stimulate the creativity and the performance of your staff by bringing different approaches, while improving the interpersonal relationships within your teams, thus enhancing an interesting and inspiring cultural synergy
  • Better understand and better satisfy an increasingly diverse clientele in our communities
  • Use the cultural background of your employees to expand your prospects and develop new local and international markets
  • Improve the scope of your communications as well as your cultural sensitivity

Overall, diversify is good for business. Research by McKinsey shows that companies with more diverse workforces see greater financial returns.

Who will you meet?

Qualified professionals from around the world who have competed the rigorous federal immigration process. These candidates are actively preparing for their arrival in Canada. They are primarily French speakers, but they also speak English as well as their original language. They have a high level of education and are skilled in various economic fields.

How to register my company?

To show your interest, you can write to us at info@solutionsemplois.ca or call us at 613-742-2483, extension 2087, or even better register your company via this Google link.

As soon as you complete the registration form we will be able to build your virtual kiosk and give you a free 15 minutes training over the phone to learn the features of the platform. You can then post your job offers, and participate in the event itself: the virtual job fair.

We will be happy to assist you at each of these stages. But you will see, it’s simple and effective! Try it…you’ll like it!