Are you looking for skilled workers?

Upcoming Virtual Job Fair: Thursday, June 13, 2024

The online job fair will allow you to connect with experienced professionals from around the world already selected by the Canadian government, who are francophone or bilingual, with recognized qualifications in their area of activity.

There are no associated costs or obligations other than your online participation on the day of the fair.

Register now and we will send you login account and support you create your booth. Registration deadline : Friday, June 7, 2024

NB: Please note that recruitment offices are not eligible to register or attend our virtual job fair.

Why participate in our fairs?

  • Quick and easy registration.
  • No travel or deployment of resources.
  • Converse with highly qualified immigrants selected by the Canadian government who are preparing for their impending arrival to Canada.
  • Free promotion of your company on the national and international scale.

Why hire prospective immigrants?

  • Attract and retain highly talented candidates who are ready to get involved in your company's growth
  • Reduce your training costs by taking advantage of transferable experience.
  • Diversify your workplace and create cultural synergy that is both interesting and inspiring.
  • Better understand and better satisfy an increasingly diverse clientele within our communities.
  • Use your employees’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds to increase your opportunities to grow, as well as to facilitate the development of local and international markets.

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